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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms F, page 4

Idioms F, page 4:  from:   'fat chance'   to:   'feet of clay'

  • fat chance
    • The expression fat chance is used to indicate that something is not very likely to happen.
      "The boss is thinking of me for the job? Fat chance!"

  • the fat hits the fire
    • When trouble breaks out, or a situation deteriorates as a result of something said or done, it is said that the fat hits the fire.
      "The situation was already tense, but the fat hit the fire when Larry was accused of cheating."

  • to a fault
    • To say that someone has a good quality to a fault means that they have a lot, or even too much, of that quality.
      "My aunt is generous to a fault, always ready to help anyone who claims to be in need."

  • feast your eyes
    • If you feast your eyes on something, you are delighted and gratified by what you see.
      "As he drove along the coast, he feasted his eyes on the beautiful scenery."

  • feather in your cap
    • To describe someone's achievement as a feather in their cap means that it is something they can be proud of or something that may serve as an advantage.
      "The overwhelming victory of the team was a feather in the cap for the new coach."

  • feather your nest
    • To say of someone that they are feathering their nest means that they are taking advantage of their position in order to obtain money and enjoy a comfortable life.
      "Some people think that government officials use their position to feather their own nest."

  • knock down with a feather
    • To say 'you could have knocked me down with a feather' emphasizes the fact that you were extremely surprised.
      "When I heard the name of the winner, you could have knocked me down with a feather!"

  • feed someone a line
    • If you feed someone a line, you tell them something that may not be quite true, often as an excuse.
      "When I asked for a pay increase, the boss fed me a line about the number of contracts that had not been renewed."

  • feed the kitty
    • If you feed the kitty, you contribute to a collection of money called a 'kitty' in order to help a good cause.
      "Come on! Every little helps. You should feed the kitty for a good cause!"

  • feeding frenzy
    • A situation in which a lot of people attack, pursue or compete with each other in an excited or frantic way, because they all want to obtain something, or information about a project, is called a feeding frenzy.
      "As soon as the reconstruction plan was announced, there was a feeding frenzy among major companies to obtain contracts."

  • feel on top of the world
    • If you feel on top of the world, you feel wonderful or ecstatic about something.
      "I've been feeling on top of the world since I got the results - I'm qualified!"

  • feel the pinch
    • When someone feels the pinch, they begin to suffer from a lack of money.
      "With the drop in tourism, hotels and restaurants are beginning to feel the pinch."

  • feet of clay
    • If someone who is admired is found to have a weakness, fault or defect of character, they are said to have feet of clay.
      "No one is perfect. Many successful people have feet of clay."

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