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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms - F, page 3
from:  'fall on sword'   to:  'fat cat'

  • fall on one's sword
    • If you fall on your sword, you accept the consequences of an unsuccessful or wrong action.
      "The organiser of the referendum resigned when the poor results were announced. It was said that he 'fell on his sword'."

  • fall off the back of a lorry
    • Goods that have fallen off the back of a lorry are stolen goods.
      "Judging by the price of that camera, it must have fallen off the back of a lorry!"

  • fall over backwards
    • If you fall over backwards to accomplish something, you do everything you possibly can to please and impress.
      "Sally's mother fell over backwards to make her wedding reception a memorable event."

  • fall short
    • If something proves inadequate or insufficient, or does not reach the required standard, it falls short of what is expected.
      "Sales of the new product fell short of the company's expectations."

  • false move
    • In a dangerous or risky situation, if you make a false move, you
      do something which may have unpleasant consequences.
      "He is under close surveillance. If he makes one false move he'll be arrested."

  • false pretences
    • If you obtain something under false pretences, you deceive others by lying about your identity, qualifications, financial or social position, in order to get what you want.
      "The journalist obtained the interview under false pretences. He said he was from the social services."

  • take a fancy to
    • If you take a fancy to someone or something, you develop a fondness for them or begin to like them.
      "I think Paul has taken a fancy to the new intern!"

  • far be it from me
    • This expression means that the speaker does not feel in a position to say or do something.
      (Usually said before giving advice or expressing an opinion.)
      "Far be it from me to choose your friends, but I think you should avoid that man."

  • farm something out
    • If something, such as work, is farmed out, it is sent away to be done by others.
      "We farmed out the packaging to another company."

  • fast and furious
    • If an activity is fast and furious, it is done quickly and with a lot of energy.
      "Eager to win the race, the competitors came fast and furious around the bend."

  • fast talker
    • A person who speaks quickly and easily but cannot always be trusted is called a fast talker.
      "The salesman was a fast talker who persuaded the old lady to buy a new washing machine."

  • fast track something
    • If you decide to fast track something, such as a task or project, you give it high priority so that the objective is reached as quickly as possible.
      "In view of the number of homeless, it was decided to fast track the construction of low-cost housing."

  • fat cat
    • To refer to a rich and powerful person as a fat cat means that you disapprove of the way they use their money or power.
      "The place was full of fat cats on their big yachts."

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