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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms E, page 2

Idioms E, page 2:  from:   'eat dirt'   to:   'walk on eggshells'

  • eat dirt
    • If someone eats dirt, they are forced to accept insults or bad treatment without complaining.
      "As jobs are very scarce in the region, the boss can bully the employees and make them eat dirt with no risk of social unrest."

  • eat the frog / eat that frog
    • The expression ‘eat the frog’ or ‘eat that frog’ is used as encouragement to begin the day with the most difficult or unpleasant task, the one ranking highest on your hate list, rather than avoid or postpone it. In that way nothing worse can happen all day.
      Original expression: “If you have to eat a frog, don’t look at it for too long.”
      "Making an inventory of unsold products is not going to be much fun, so let’s just eat the frog and get it over with!”

  • eat a horse
    • If you say that you could eat a horse you mean that you are very hungry.
      "Let's get something to eat. I'm starving. I could eat a horse!"

  • eat, sleep and breathe something
    • If you eat, sleep and breathe something, you are so enthusiastic and passionate about it that you think about it constantly.
      "He's an enthusiastic golfer; he eats, sleeps and breathes it!"

  • eat someone alive
    • If you criticize someone severely because you are angry with them, you eat them alive.
      (You can also be eaten alive - bitten repeatedly - by insects.)
      "The boss will eat me alive if the report arrives late."

  • eat out of house and home
    • This is a humorous way of saying that someone is eating large quantities of your food.
      "I stock up with food when my teenage sons invite their friends over. They'd eat you out of house and home!"

  • eat/dip into one's savings
    • If you eat or dip into your savings, you spend part of the money you have put aside for future use.
      "I had to dip into my savings to have the car repaired."

  • eat out of someone's hand
    • If you eat out of somebody's hand, you are eager to please and will accept to do anything that person asks.
      "She is so persuasive that she has people eating out of her hand in no time."

  • eat your words
    • If you eat your words, you have to admit that what you said before was wrong.
      "After predicting disastrous results, he had to eat his words when he saw the success of the new product."

  • economical with the truth
    • To say that a person is economical with the truth means that, without actually lying, they omit important facts or give incomplete information.
      "The politician was accused of being economical with the truth."

  • (on the) edge of one's seat
    • Someone who is on the edge of their seat is very interested in something and finds it both extremely exciting and nerve-wracking.
      "Look at Bob! He's on the edge of his seat watching that rugby match!"

  • egg someone on
    • If you egg someone on, you urge or strongly encourage them to do something.
      "She didn't really want to learn to drive but her children kept egging her on."

  • bad egg
    • To refer to someone as a bad egg means that they cannot trusted.
      "I don't my son to be friends with Bobby Smith. Bobby's a bad egg!"

  • (a) nest egg
    • If you have a nest egg, you have a reserve of money which you put aside for future needs.
      "Our parents consider the money from the sale of their house as a nest egg for their old age."

  • all your eggs in one basket
    • If you have all your eggs in one basket, you depend on one plan or one source of income.
      "If you invest your savings in one bank, you'll have all your eggs in one basket."

  • walk on eggshells
    • If you walk on eggshells with someone, you are careful not to hurt or offend them.
      "She's so sensitive, you have to walk on eggshells with her all the time."

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