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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms D, page 7

Idioms D, page 7:  from:   'my dogs are barking'   to:   'door swings both ways'

  • my dogs are barking
    • When a person says that their dogs are barking they mean that their feet are hurting.
      "I've been shopping all day. My dogs are barking!"

  • doggie bag / doggy bag
    • A bag provided by a restaurant so that you can take home the leftover food is called a doggie (or doggy) bag.
      "The portions were so big that I decided to ask for a doggie bag."

  • in the doghouse
    • If you are in the doghouse, someone is angry with you because you have done something wrong.
      "Mark is in the doghouse because he damaged his father's car."

  • in the doldrums
    • To say that a person, a business or the economy in general is in the doldrums means that the situation is gloomy and that nothing new is happening.
      "Despite the recent measures, the economy is in the doldrums."

  • on the dole
    • A person who receives financial assistance from the government when they are unemployed is on the dole.
      "Their father is on the dole so the family is living on a tight budget."

  • (a) done deal
    • A done deal refers to an agreement or decision which has been reached on a certain matter.
      "We're still considering several proposals, so it's not a done deal yet."

  • done and dusted
    • When a project, task or activity is done and dusted, it is completely finished or ready.
      "I've nearly finished preparing the presentation. When it's all done and dusted I'll be able to relax."

  • (the) done thing
    • The correct way to behave in a particular social situation is called the done thing.
      "Wearing jeans to play golf is not the done thing."

  • donkey work
    • The expression donkey work is used to describe the unpleasant, repetitive or boring parts of a job.
      "I do the donkey work - my boss gets the credit"

  • donkey's years
    • If someone has been doing something for donkey's years, they have been doing it for a very long time.
      "He knows the town inside out. He's been living here for donkey's years."
      (This expression was originally 'as long as donkey's ears', which are very long.)

  • doom and gloom
    • A general atmosphere of pessimism, and a feeling that the situation is not going to improve, is referred to as doom and gloom.
      "Fortunately it's not doom and gloom for all businesses, in spite of the economic situation."

  • (the) door swings both ways
    • If you say that thedoor swings both ways, you mean that the same principle or argument applies to both sides of a situation.
      "You don't contact me either. The door swings both ways you know!"

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