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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List - D 

(Idioms D page 6 :  dog and pony show  →  in the doghouse)

dog and pony show A dog and pony show is a marketing event or presentation which has plenty of style but not much content.
dog in the manger A person referred to as a dog in the manger is someone who stops others from enjoying something he/she cannot use or doesn't want.
She hates the guitar so she won't allow her son to learn to play it
- a real dog in the manger!
dog with two tails If someone is like a dog with two tails, they are extremely happy.
When Paul won the first prize he was like a dog with two tails.
every dog has its day This expression means that everyone can be successful at something at some time in their life.
I didn't win this time, but I'll be lucky one day.  Every dog has its day.
give a dog a bad name People who lose their reputation have difficulty regaining it  because others continue to blame or suspect them.
Tom was suspected as usual.  Give a dog a bad name!
old dog for a hard road This expression means that experience is invaluable when one is faced with a difficult task.
The case calls for an experienced lawyer - an old dog for a hard road.
small dog, tall weeds This expression is used to refer to someone who does not have the ability or the resources necessary to perform a task.
It may be too difficult for the trainee - small dog, tall weeds!
why keep a dog and bark yourself? This expression means that if someone or something can do a task for you, there's no reason to do it yourself.
My grandmother has an electric mixer but she continues to make her cakes by hand. Why keep a dog and bark yourself?
dog's breakfast To describe something as a dog's breakfast means that it is a complete mess.
The new secretary made a dog's breakfast out of the filing system.
dog's life People use this expression when complaining about a situation or job which they find unpleasant or unsatisfactory.
It's a dog's life working in the after-sales department.
go to the dogs To say that a company, organisation or country is going to the dogs means that it is becoming less successful or efficient then before.
Some people think the company will go to the dogs if it is nationalized.
my dogs are barking When a person says that their dogs are barking they mean that their feet are hurting.
I've been shopping all day. My dogs are barking!
let sleeping dogs lie If you tell someone to let sleeping dogs lie, you are asking them not to interfere with a situation because they could cause problems.
Look - they've settled their differences.  It's time to let sleeping dogs lie.
doggie bag A bag provided by a restaurant so that you can take the leftover food home with you is called a doggie (or doggy) bag.
The portions were so big that I decided to ask for a doggie bag.
in the doghouse If you are in the doghouse, someone is angry with you because you have done something wrong.
Mark is in the doghouse because he damaged his father's car.
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