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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms D, page 5

Idioms D, page 5:  from:   'disaster written all over'   to:   'dog eat dog'

  • disaster written all over it
    • If something, such as a plan or idea, has disaster written all over it, it is thought to be heading for complete failure, or will cause a lot of trouble.
      "Mary's idea of a holiday with her in-laws has disaster written all over it!"

  • dive in headfirst
    • If you begin something enthusiastically, without thinking about the possible consequences, you dive in headfirst.
      "Tony accepted the project without calculating the time it would take; he always dives in headfirst!"

  • do a double take
    • Someone who does a double take looks again in surprise at something unexpected.
      "He did a double take when he saw his wife in a restaurant with another man."

  • do a disappearing act
    • If someone does a disappearing act, they simply vanish, especially if they have done something wrong or dishonest.
      "Just before the police arrived, the suspect did a disappearing act."

  • do a good turn
    • If you dosomeone a good turn, you act in a helpful way.
      "Mike is a great guy - always ready to do a good turn."

  • (not) do justice
    • Something that does not show the true value of someone or something does not do justice to them/it.
      "The photograph doesn't do her justice; she's much prettier than that."

  • do more harm than good
    • If the effect of an action is more damaging than helpful, it does more harm than good.
      "Giving him money did more harm than good - he spent it on alcohol."

  • do nothing by halves
    • When a person does everything they are engaged in completely and thoroughly, they are said to do nothing by halves .
      "When she cooks, it's a four-course meal - she does nothing by halves!"

  • do somebody's dirty work
    • To do somebody's dirty work means to do the unpleasant or difficult work that another person does not want to do.
      "Life is easy for Harry. He always finds someone to do his dirty work!"

  • do the spadework
    • Someone who does the preparatory work or the preliminary research.
      "Although I did all the spadework, my name was never mentioned."

  • do the trick
    • If something does the trick, it does exactly what is needed, or achieves the desired effect.
      "Another coat of paint should do the trick."

  • do a world of good
    • If something does you a world of good, it makes you feel much better, more relaxed or happier.
      "A few days away would do you a world of good."

  • just what the doctor ordered
    • If something is just what the doctor ordered, it is extremely pleasant and will help you feel better.
      "A week-end in the sun - just what the doctor ordered!"

  • a doddle
    • If a task or activity is a doddle, it is very easy to do or perform.
      "How did the exam go?"  "No problem, it was a doddle."

  • dodge a bullet
    • If you dodge a bullet, you narrowly avoid a very serious problem or a disaster.
      "I dodged a bullet when I missed the plane. It crashed just after take-off."

  • dog eat dog
    • This expression refers to intense competition and rivalry in pursuit of one's own interests, with no concern for morality.
      "The business world is tough today. There's a general dog-eat-dog attitude."

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