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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms - D, page 11
from:  'dumbing down'   to:  'dying for (something)'

  • dumbing down
    • If something, such as a television programme or a film production, is dumbed down, it is deliberately made less intelligent or less demanding in order to attract a larger audience.
      "Some TV channels are dumbing down their programmes in an attempt to increase their audience ratings."

  • bite the dust
    • This expression is used to talk about death in a light-hearted way.
      "It's a story about a cowboy who hits the dust during a train robbery."

  • (as) dry as dust
    • Something that is as dry as dust is very dry indeed.
      This expression can also refer to something dull and uninteresting.
      "The ground was as dry as dust."
      "His speech was as dry as dust."

  • dust bunnies
    • Dust bunnies are clumps of dust, usually found on the floor, in corners or under furniture, in places where the housework is not done regularly.
      "The house hadn't been cleaned in weeks. There were dust bunnies everywhere."

  • dust has settled
    • To say that the dust has settled means that the situation has become calmer after a series of unpleasant or chaotic events.
      "After her difficult divorce, she waited until the dust had settled before making any plans."

  • throw dust in eyes
    • If you throw dust in someone's eyes, you prevent them from seeing the truth by misleading them.
      "He threw dust in the old lady's eyes by pretending to be a police officer, then stole her jewellery."

  • go Dutch
    • To go Dutchwith somebody means to share the cost of something such as a meal or a concert.
      "Young people today tend to go Dutch when they go out together."

  • above and beyond the call of duty
    • If a person does something which is over and above the call of duty, they show a greater degree of courage or effort than is usually required or expected in their job.
      "The fire-fighter received a medal for his action which went above and beyond the call of duty."

  • duty bound
    • If you are duty bound to do something, you are required to do it as part of your obligations.
      "Teachers are duty bound to report a pupil's absence from school."

  • dwell on something
    • If someone dwells on something, they think or talk about it all the time.
      "My mother-in-law has health problems, but I wish she wouldn't always dwell on the subject!"

  • dyed-in-the-wool
    • This expression is used to describe a person who has fixed, uncompromising, deep-felt beliefs to which they are committed.
      "Bob and Jane are dyed-in-the-wool ecologists who use only biodegradable products."

  • dying for something
    • If you are dying for something, you have a strong desire for it!.
      "I'm dying for a cup of tea!"

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