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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List - C 

(page 16 : cut both ways → cut it fine)

cut both ways Something that cuts both ways has both a positive and a negative effect at the same time.
Banning cars in the town centre can cut both ways : less traffic congestion but fewer customers in the shops.
cut the cackle If you tell a group of people to cut the cackle, you are asking them
to stop talking aimlessly and start dealing with more important or serious matters.
OK. It's time to cut the cackle and get down to business
cut corners Cutting corners means not following the correct procedure in order to save time, effort or money (often with unsatisfactory results).
I want the job well done - no cutting corners please!
cut a dash If a person cuts a dash, they make a striking impression by their appearance and attractive clothes.
Wearing his uniform, my grandfather cut a dash on his wedding day.
cut and dried If you refer to a situation, problem or solution as cut and dried, you mean that it is clear and straightforward with no likely complications.
When the new manager arrived, he didn't find the situation as cut and dried as he had expected.
cut from the same cloth If two people are cut from the same cloth, they are very similar in character or behaviour.
Although the brothers look alike, they are not cut from the same cloth.
They each have their own personality.
cut the ground from under someone's feet When someone cuts the ground from under another's feet, they
do something which weakens their position or spoils theiir plans.
When we launched the new product, we cut the ground from under our competitors' feet.
cut no ice If something cuts no ice, it has no effect or makes no impression on someone.
Her explanation cut no ice with the teacher who said he would tolerate no more unjustified absences.
cut loose If someone cuts loose or is cut loose, they stop being influenced or controlled by another person or group.
He's thirty years old and still hasn't cut loose from his familiy.
cut one's losses If you end or withdraw from something that is already failing, in order to reduce the loss of money, time or effort invested in it,
you cut your losses.
The project is heading for failure.  Let's cut our losses before it's too late.
cut one's own throat If you cut your own throat, you do something that will be the cause of your own failure or ruin your chances in the future.
Tony has already missed a lot of classes.  He's cutting his own throat.
cut it/cut things fine If you cut it/cut things fine, you leave barely enough time to do something.
You're counting just an hour between the airport and the train station -
isn't that cutting things a bit fine?
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