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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms C, page 15

Idioms C, page 15:  from:   'cross the Rubicon'   to:   'on cue'

  • cross the Rubicon
    • If you cross the Rubicon, you make an irreversible decision or commit to a course of action that cannot be changed.
      "After careful consideration, he decided to stop teaching and open an art gallery, knowing that he was crossing the Rubicon."

  • as the crow flies
    • This expression refers to distance measured in a straight line.
      "It's two miles from here to the station as the crow flies, but of course it's much further by road."

  • crux of the matter
    • The main point or the most vital element of a discussion or argument is called the crux of the matter.
      "The crux of the matter is that he's too old to live alone in that big house."

  • cry one's eyes out
    • If you cry your eyes out, you cry a lot and for a long time.
      "My son cried his eyes out when he discovered his bike had been stolen."

  • cry wolf
    • To cry wolf is to call for help when you are not really in danger. As a result, nobody believes you when you really need help.
      "There's Mary screaming again! Does she really have a problem or is she just crying wolf again?"

  • far cry from something
    • If one thing is afar cry from something else, they are very different from each other, especially in quality or size.
      "My tiny apartment in New York was a far cry from my parents' spacious house."

  • crying need
    • When there is a great lack of something which is urgently needed, there is a crying need for it.
      "Hospitals claim that there is a crying need for nurses."

  • crying shame
    • If something is a crying shame, it is very sad or unfortunate.
      "It's a crying shame that some families cannot afford lunch for their children."

  • for crying out loud
    • This expression is used to show irritation, exasperation or anger.
      "For crying out loud, turn that television off!"

  • no use crying over spilt milk
    • This expression means that it is useless to complain or have regrets about something that is done and cannot be changed.
      "Sometimes I regret not accepting the offer, but it's no use crying over spilt milk."

  • crystal clear
    • A statement or expression that is easy to understand or has an obvious meaning is crystal clear or as clear as crystal.
      "There was no need to repeat the instructions. They were crystal clear."

  • on cue
    • If something happens on cue, it happens at exactly the appropriate or expected moment.
      "My grandmother was blowing out the candles on her birthday cake when, right on cue, the flowers arrived."

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