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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms - C, page 13
from:  'cough up'   to:  'cream of the crop'

  • cough up
    • If you have to cough up something, such as money or information, you give it reluctantly or unwillingly.
      "He refused to say who attacked him until his father made him cough up the names."

  • count your blessings
    • If you count your blessings, you focus your thoughts on all the good things in your life rather than on the negative ones.
      "Whenever anyone in the family starts to complain, my mother always advises us to count our blessings."

  • take your courage in both hands
    • If you take your courage in both hands, you make yourself do something very brave.
      "When I saw the child in the burning house, I took my courage in both hands and ran inside."

  • on course
    • If you are on course for something, you are likely to achieve it.
      "Our team is on course for a victory in the national championship."

  • cover your tracks
    • If you cover your tracks, you conceal or destroy evidence of what you have been doing or where you have been.
      "Charlie was sorry he hadn't covered his tracks better when his wife discovered he had been unfaithful."

  • cover (or hide) a multitude of sins
    • If something covers or hides a multitude of sins, it prevents others from seeing the less pleasant reality.
      "Loose-fitting clothes can cover a multitude of sins!"

  • why buy a cow when you can get milk for free?
    • This refers to not paying for something that you can obtain for free.
      (Sometimes refers to a decision not to marry when you can have the benefits of marriage without any commitment.)
      "Rent is high so Bobby is still living with his parents.
      He says : why buy a cow when you can get milk for free?"

  • till the cows come home
    • To say that a person could do something till the cows come home means that they could do it for a long time.
      "You can ask me till the cows come home but I'm not buying you a scooter!"

  • crack down on something
    • If the authorities crack down on something, they enforce the law by taking severe measures to restrict undesirable or criminal actions.
      "To reduce road accidents, it was decided to crack down on speeding."

  • crack the whip
    • If you crack the whip, you use your authority to make someone obey you or work more efficiently, usually by threatening them.
      "Every so often I'll crack the whip to make sure we meet the deadline."

  • cramp someone's style
    • If you cramp someone's style you do something to prevent them from behaving freely, or performing to the best of their ability.
      "I can't paint with people watching me - it cramps my style!"

  • crank into gear
    • When a person or activity cranks (or gets) into gear, they start to work or become effective.
      "Immediately after the announcement, a group of protesters cranked into gear."

  • (a) crash course
    • If you do a crash course, you do an intensive training course in order to obtain quick results.
      "Before going to Tokyo, Paul did a crash course in Japanese."

  • cream of the crop
    • This expression refers to the best people or things in a particular group.
      "As usual, the cream of the crop of this year's graduates were offered the best jobs."

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