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atmosphere | carbon dioxide | fossil fuels | floods, hurricanes, drought | warmer | human | Paris Agreement | levels | greenhouse gases | methane |
  1. The earth's climate is changing and the world is becoming w________ .

  2. Climate change is caused by h_________ activities.

  3. Petrol, oil, and coal are called f __________  f________.

  4. Burning fossil fuels releases harmful g____________ g________.

  5. One of the main greenhouse gases is c__________ d_________ (CO2).

  6. Another harmful gas is called m_____________.

  7. Greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun in the earth's a____________.

  8. As a result of the ice melting in polar regions, the sea l____________ are rising.

  9. Climate change can cause an increase in f________, h________ and d_______.

  10. The 2015 agreement on climate change is called the P________ A____________.

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