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The meaning of words relating to employment or jobs

Assessment Evaluation of one's abilities
Background Education - qualifications - experience
Bonus Additional payment to an employee as an incentive or reward.
Curriculum vitae Summary of one's education and experience to date; resume.
Dismiss Discharge from employment (also: to fire, to sack, to let go).
Employee Person who works for a firm or company.
Employer Person or firm who employs people.
Fire To dismiss from a job.
Fringe benefits Advantages offered in addition to salary (life insurance, retirement scheme, company car, etc.). Also called 'perks', abbreviation for 'perquisites'.
Hire Employ or take on personnel in a company.
Interview Oral examination of a candidate for employment.
Make redundant Dismiss for economic reasons.
Maternity leave Period of absence for a female employee when giving birth a baby.
Notice Advance warning of intention to leave one's job -to give or hand in one's resignation.
Personnel People who work for a firm or company (employees).
Personnel officer Manager responsible for recruitment, training and welfare of personnel (employees).
Promotion Advancement in rank or position in a company.
Prospects Opportunities for success or promotion in a career.
Recruit Look for and hire personnel.
Resign Leave a job voluntariily.
Retire Leave employment because of age, typically on reaching the normal age for leaving service.
Sick leave Absence because of illness - to be on sick leave.
Staff People who work for a firm or department; employees.
Strength Strong characteristic or particular ability.
Strike To go on strike : to stop working in protest against something.
Take on Employ or hire.
Trainee Person being trained for a job e.g. a trainee salesman.
Training course A course of study to prepare for a job e.g. a computer course.
Unemployment benefits Payments made by the state to an unemployed person.
Vacancy A position to be filled in a company or firm.
Weakness A lack of ability or a shortcoming in character.

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