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Other useful Business English sites for learners of English.

When writing a business letter, applying for a job, organizing a meeting or planning a presentation,it can be difficult to find the right words or layout.
Below you will find some sites which provide useful Business English resources to help you.

Business Letters and Email
Letter samples (MS Office)
Letter templates and office themes. (MS Office)
Business writer's free library (correspondence and technnical writing)
Email etiquette ('netiquette') (good email manners and mistakes to avoid)
Writing email - etiquette guide (general guidelines on email writing and security)
Writing professional email

Jobs / Resume-CV
Resume and Cover Letters (MS Office)
Resumé design (how to create effective resumés)
BBC - jobsearch - information and exercises
Free Resume Templates
Free CV builder
Sample CVs, covering letters and application forms (University of Kent)

Presentation templates (MS powerpoint templates)
Preparing for a presentation
Tips on making presentations (University of Kent)
Tips on giving presentations (BBC Learning English)
Tips for successful presentations

100 useful phrases for meetings
Useful phrases for running business meetings
Preparing for a meeting
Managing meetings - British Council

Business Situations, Ventures and Start-ups
Business Podcasts from the British Council (with online activities)
10 lessons covering various situations:
checking into a hotel, registering for a conference, etc.(BBC)
Information on starting up a business

Newspapers and Business Reviews
Business Journals
Business Week
The Economist
Economic Times (India Times)
Forbes (Information for the world's business leaders)
Harvard Business Review (free articles on business-related subjects)
New York Times

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