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The meaning of words relating to advertising and publicity.

advertisement Item of publicity to promote a product or service in newspapers, magazines, on TV, etc.
advertising agency Marketing services firm that assists companies in planning advertisements.
AIDA Attention, Interest, Desire, Action - the aim of all advertising.
benefit Advantage of a product or service.
billboard Signboard or wooden structure used to display advertising posters.
broadsheet Newspaper printed in a large format.
campaign Organised course or plan of action.
circulation Average number of copies of newspapers or magazines sold over a period of time.
classified ads Small advertisement in newspapers or magazines divided into categories.
commercial Advertisement on radio or television.
coupon Part of a printed advertisement to be used to order goods or samples.
direct mail Advertisement sent by post to prospective customers.
double-page spread Advertisement printed across two pages in a newspaper or magazine.
editing Reviewing or rewriting in order to make suitable for publication.
eye-catcher Something that particulary attracts the reader or viewer's attention.
features Special characteristics of a product.
generic advertising Advertising for a whole sector, such as tourism, rather than a specific product.
hoarding Wooden structure or signboard, also called a 'billboard', used to carry advertisements.
hype Excessive or intensive publicity; exaggerated claims made in advertising.
jingle Catchy tune, with a short simple rhyme, used to promote a product.
key words Informative words chosen to indicate the content of a document.
launch Start an action in order to introduce something (e.g. a new product).
mailshot Piece of advertising material sent to potential customers by post.
mass media The main means of mass communication (newspapers, TV and radio).
plug Favourable publicity in a media for a commercial product (e.g. a book).
poster Large sheet of paper used in advertising.
prime time Hours on radio and TV with the largest audience, usually in the evening.
promote Use advertising and publicity to try to increase sales of a product.
roadside signs Large panels along roads and motorways used for outdoor advertising.
slogan Phrase used to advertise a product, or to identify a company or organisation.
slot Specific time in a broadcasting schedule allotted for a commercial.
soundbite Short extract from a recorded interview or speech.
tabloid Newspaper printed in small format, usually with a lot of photographs.
target Objective; what is aimed at.
U.S.P. Unique Selling Proposition; a declaration of what makes a product different.
write copy Write a text to be printed or spoken in an advertisement or a commercial.

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