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  ENGLISH  VOCABULARY  for ESL learners  

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The meaning of English abbreviations and acronyms.

Abbreviation : a shortened form of a written word, phrase or name used in place of the whole, for example:  ‘Dr.’ for Doctor, ‘Mr.’ for Mister, ‘gym’ for gymnastics, 'Tim' for Timothy.

Acronym: A word which is formed from the first letters of other words, and which is  pronounced as a full word, for example NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation).

lab. laboratory
Ltd limited (company)
mo month
N/A not applicable
NB nota bene (it is important to note)
no. number
obs. obsolete
PA personal assistant
p.a. per annum (per year)
Plc public limited company
pls please
p.m. post meridiem (after noon)
p.p. per pro (used before signing in a person's absence)
PR public relations
p.s. post scriptum
PTO please turn over
p.w. per week
qty quantity
R & D research and development
re / ref with reference to
ROI return on investment
RSVP repondez s'il vous plait (please reply)
s.a.e. stamped addressed envelope
VAT value added tax
VIP very important person
vol volume
wkly weekly
yr year

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