Missing Prepositions - n° 3

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the gaps with a suitable preposition from the list.
(A preposition can be used more than once.)
When finished, press "Check" and the corrected text will appear.
If you need help, click on "Hint", but you will lose points.
   about      at      back      from      in      into      of      on      to      with   
The house I live belongs my mother. She inherited it her father who bought it when he got married.
My grandfather borrowed money the bank and it took him many years to pay it .
My mother divided the house two flats, so that if anything happened her, my sister and I would each have a flat.
The house reminds me my grandfather.
He suffered arthritis the end of his life, so he lived the ground floor, which is now my flat.
I often think the difficult life he had.
I think life is much easier today, and my sister agrees me ... but who knows what life has store for us!