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Travel phrases

At the airport: Useful phrases and vocabulary for learners of English.



Flight ABC123 is now boarding. It is now time to get on the plane.
Passengers on flight ABC123 should
   proceed to Gate n° 25
You should go to Gate n°25 to board the plane.
This is the final call for Flight ABC123 Passengers on Flight ABC123 are asked to board the plane.
Flight XYZ234 has been cancelled. Flight EXY234 will not leave as planned.
(You should go to the information desk for more information.)
Flight ABA has been delayed. Flight ABA will arrive or leave later than planned.
What is the purpose of your trip? This question is asked to visitors arriving in a country. 
Example answers: "business", "study", "pleasure", "holiday", etc.
How long do you plan to stay?   Are you going to stay long?
How many days/weeks?
Do you have anything to declare? Are you carrying anything in your luggage that you need to pay tax on (e.g. alcohol, cigarettes...)
Did you pack your bag yourself? Did anyone else put anything into your bag?
Please do not leave your bags
Make sure to keep your bags with you at all times.
See somebody off. Go to where someone is leaving to say goodbye.
Take off / leave the ground. I'm always nervous when the plane takes off.
Touch down (land). What time did your flight touch down?
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