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 English Vocabulary for ESL learners 


The difference between similes and metaphors.

Similes and metaphors are both types of figurative analogies, comparing two things to show their similarities.
Sometimes the two things are quite alike. Sometimes they are very different but share some common property or trait.
The difference between similes and metaphors lies in how the comparison is expressed.
A simile compares one thing to another using ‘as’ or ‘like’. It states that one thing is similar to another.
A metaphor states that two things are the same, without using ‘as’ or ‘like’.
You will find some examples below.

Examples of SIMILES Examples of METAPHORS
As busy as a beaver His home is a prison.
As blind as a bat. My colleague is a dark horse.
As black as coal Laughter is the best medicine.
As clean as a whistle That boy is a rotten apple.
As flat as a pancake You are an angel!
As innocent as a lamb Our teacher is a dragon.
As old as the hills Life is a series of stepping stones.
As plain as day Time is money.
As quiet as a mouse The actress is a star.
As steady as a rock He's a bit of a rough diamond.
As stubborn as a mule Charlie is a night owl.
As sly as a fox Her brain is a computer.
As white as snow Alex is a rolling stone.
As wise as an owl Children can be clowns.
Eat like a bird America is a melting pot.
Cry like a baby His daughter is his sunshine.
Act like a child That man is a road hog.
Fit like a glove Julie is an early bird.
Sell like hot cakes We finally got the green light.
Sleep like a log The market is the heart of the town.
Spread like wildfire Hard work is the key to success.
Swim like a fish Life is a roller-coaster.
Behave like a lunatic. His speech was a marathon.

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