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 English Vocabulary for ESL learners 

Commonly-used expressions.

 Expressions with FIRST 

Expression Meaning Example
At first At the beginning At first I thought the flowers were artificial but they were real.”
At first sight As soon as you see someone/something “We fell in love with the house at first sight.”
First class The best and most expensive part of a train, plane, etc.) “Rich people aways travel first class.”
First come, first served People will be served or dealt with in the order of arrival “Tickets will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.”
First and foremost First of all; the most important thing to begin with First and foremost I’m going to give you the results of the test.”
First go On the first try or attempt “Harry passed his driving test first go."
First-hand Obtained directly, not through other people “There’s no doubt about it. I got the information first-hand.”
First impression(s) Opinion formed the first time people meet “Be sure to dress appropriately; first impressions are important.”
First love The first person you fall in love with "Harry was my first love; I'll never forget him."
First love The first activity you become passionate or enthusiastic about. "I work in marketing, but surfing is my first love and I couldn't imagine life without it."
First of all To begin with First of all let’s read the report, then we can discuss the matter further.”
First off the mark Act more quickly than anyone else "Several people jumped in to help the child, but Tony was first off the mark."
First past the post First to reach the finishing line in a race
Win the highest number of votes
"Jack's horse was first past the post!"
First port of call The first place to go to start a process or journey If we were to visit Europe, Paris would be our first port of call.
First thing What you begin with “I’ll send it to you first thing tomorrow morning.”
First things first Do things in the proper order, starting with the most important "Begin by reading the instructions. First things first!
First-rate Of the highest or best quality “Zoe is a first-rate designer; that’s why she’s so successful.”
In the first place From the beginning; at the outset “Why didn’t you tell me in the first place that he was your cousin?!”
First things first Do things in the proper order, starting with what first needs to be done Read the instructions before you start assembling anything; first things first!
First world The most properous countries that have many industries and advanced economies People who live in the First World consume more than 80% of the planet's resources.

Please note that British English spelling is used on this website.

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