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Conversation topics - Intermediate level

A list of conversation topics suitable for intermediate level students of English.


♦Note : It's a good idea to pre-teach essential vocabulary before beginning a discussion.
 This will help students feel more comfortable and encourage them to participate.

  1. What is for you the most enjoyable type of holiday
    (camping, hotel, club, rented accommodation, touring, sports activities, etc.)
    List 5 things not to forget when you go on holiday.

  2. Describe your favourite pastime/hobby.
    Why is it so enjoyable? When did you take it up? How often do you do it? etc...

  3. What are the 5 most important decisions in a person's life?
    After making suggestions, the group decides on the order of importance.

  4. Who is the greatest? (Ask students to add to the list.)
    Who is/was the greatest leader in the world?
    Who is/was the greatest athlete of all time?
    What is/was the greatest movie you ever saw?
    Who is/was the greatest inventor of all time?

  5. Are people becoming telephone addicts?
    Could you live without a telephone?
    What would happen if for some reason our telephones no longer worked?

  6. Why are social networks so popular nowadays?
    What are the positive/negative effects?

  7. Do you think actors, singers, sportsmen, etc. earn too much money? Why/why not?

  8. Under what circumstances would you :
    walk out of a restaurant?
    refuse a taxi?
    call the manager of a hotel?
    sleep in a train/bus station?
    wear casual clothes to work?

  9. If you won a lot of money, what would you do? Would you :
    keep it a secret?
    stop working?
    go shopping?
    buy a new house?
    travel around the world?
    give money to your family/friends?
    give money to charity?

  10. What is a good job?
    an interesting job?
    a well-paid job?
    a secure job?
    good working conditions?

  11. If you had to move to another country because of your job (or your partner's job),
    what country would you prefer if you had a choice?
    what would you miss most?
    what would be the most important for you?

  12. What have been the most important new stories in the last year?
    Are certain events given too much/too little coverage?

  13. Travel
    What country would you most like to visit?
    Is there a place you would never visit again?
    If you were only allowed to take five things to an unknown destination,
    what would you take?

  14. Food
    What country has the best cuisine?
    What is your favourite food?
    What is the worst thing you’ve ever tasted?
    Do you worry about the safety of the food you eat?
    Do you buy organic food?

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