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English Phrasal Verbs

A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb;
the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb.
Below you will find a list of phrasal verbs in alphabetical order
with their meaning and an example of use.

Phrasal verbs - Alphabetical List - G

Phrasal Verb



get about/around 1) Move from place to place
2) Spread, circulate
1) It's not easy to get around the city without
     a map.
2) News of their separation soon got about.
get along (with) Be on good terms / work well with. I get along (well) with my mother-in-law.
get at Imply What exactly are you trying to get at?
get away Escape The robbers got away in a black car.
get by (on) Manage to cope or to survive. It's difficult to get by on a low salary.
get down to Start to actually do something. It's time to get down to some serious work!
get in Enter How did the burglar get in?
get into (+ noun) Enter How did the burglar get into the house?
get off 1) Leave (bus, train, plane).

2) Remove from something.
1) Get off the bus at Trafalgar Square.

2) She's trying to get off the stain.
get on Board (bus, train, plane) You can pay when you get on the bus.
get on with Continue to do something / make progress Be quiet and get on with your homework.
get on (well) with Have a good relationship with I get on very well with my colleagues.
get out Leave How did he get out?
get out of (+noun) Leave How did he get out of the house?
get out of  (+verb) Avoid doing something Some husbands manage to get out of
doing any housework.
get over Recover from (illness, disappointment) Charlie had the 'flu but he got over it.
get rid of Eliminate It's difficult to get rid of old habits.
get round (to) Find the necessary time to do something. I finally got round to making the list that I promised.
get together Meet each other Let's get together for lunch one day.
get up Rise / leave bed I usually get up at 7 o'clock.
give away 1) Give something free of charge.

2) Reveal something.
1) He gave away most of his paintings.

2) The names of the witnesses will not be given away.
give back Return something to its owner. He promised to give back the money he borrowed..
give in Accept defeat; surrender The authorities refused to give in to the demands of the population.
give over! Stop doing something irritating. Give over complaining! It doesn't help at all!
give up 1) Stop doing something.

2) Stop trying to do something
1) Sarah gave up smoking five years ago.

2) Have you found the answer? No, I give up
gloss over Treat something briefly so as to avoid embarrassing details. The director glossed over the recent drop in sales.
go after Pursue (an object or a goal) She went after her dream and is now an actress.
go along (with) Agree with; accept. Alex tends to go along with anything his wife says.
go away 1) Leave a place
2) Disappear / fade
1) We decided to go away for a few days.
2) The stain still hasn't gone away.
go back Return Children go back to school after the holidays.
go by Pass - A bus went by without stopping.
- Time goes by so quickly!
go down Decrease, reduce The price of property has gone down a bit.
go down with Become ill with an infectious disease  Half of the team has gone down with the flu.
go for Try to gain or attain. He trained hard and went for the gold medal.
go in Enter There's a nice restaurant.  Let's go in and
book a table for tonight.
go into (+ noun) Go inside Go into the bakery and see if they sell croissants.
go into (+ noun) Join or enter a profession. He decided to go into the army when he left school.
go in for Have something as an interest or hobby. She doesn't really go in for sports.
go off 1) Explode
2) Ring/ make a loud noise
3) Stop working
4) No longer be good to eat or drink
5) No longer like or enjoy.
1)A bomb went off in a crowded restaurant.
2) The alarm clock was set to go off at 6 a.m.
3) The heating has gone off.  It's freezing!
4) The milk has gone off. Don't drink it.
5) My grandmother has gone off crosswords
go on Continue. Sorry for interrupting. Please go on.
go out Leave one's home to attend a social event. Many young people go out a lot.
go (out) with Have someone as a boyfriend/girlfriend. Is Julie going (out) with Tom?
go over Review Please go over your answers before handing
in your test.
go up Increase, rise The price of petrol may go up.
go through 1) Experience

2) Examine, study carefully.
1) Pete went through a lot of pain after the
2) I need time to go through the contract.
go through with Proceed with something difficult Bill and Amy finally went through with the divorce.
go with/together Match; harmonize (with) The curtains don't go with the carpet.
The curtains and carpet don't go together.
go without Abstain from I had to go without lunch to finish the report.
grow up Spend one's childhood / become an adult He grew up in a small village.
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