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 English Phrasal Verbs 

Commonly-used phrasal verbs.

 Phrasal Verbs relating to RELATIONSHIPS 

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Ask out Invite someone to lunch, dinner, the cinema ... John has asked Mary out several times.
Break up Come to a end (a relationship) After her marriage broke up, Caroline went to live in London.
Cut loose Stop being influenced or controlled Alex is thirty years old and still hasn't cut loose from his family.
Fall for Be attracted to somebody or begin to be in love. While on holiday Rebecca fell for a handsome young man.
Fall out Stop being friends because of a disagreement or argument. Emma is not speaking to Julie. They fell out during the school trip.
Get along Be on good terms; work well with. I must say I get along (well) with my mother-in-law.
Go out (with) Have someone as a boyfriend/girlfriend. Is Julie going (out) with Tom?
Make up (with) End a quarrel and become friends again. Come on you two! It's time to shake hands and make up.
Put up (with) Tolerate I don't know how you can put up with his bad temper.
Settle down Get married and lead a quieter life. His mother wished Tom would settle down and get married.
Split up End a relationship Carla has split up with her boyfriend.
Wear down Make someone feel weary or tired. Their constant arguments are wearing her down.

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