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 English Phrasal Verbs 

Commonly-used phrasal verbs.

 Phrasal Verbs relating to ENVIRONMENT and POLLUTION 

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Clean up Remove dirt, rubbish, debris, etc. The population helped clean up the beaches after an oil spillage.
Cut down / Chop down Remove (trees) by cutting To avoid deforestation it should be compulsory for new trees to be planted where the original trees have been cut down / chopped down.
Die out Become extinct; stop existing Some species of animals have already died out due to climate change.
Dispose of Get rid of Nuclear waste must be disposed of safely.
Dry up Disappear through evaporation Due to prolonged periods of drought, many rivers have dried up.
Heat up Increase the temperature The sun heats up the surface of the earth.
Phase out Gradually stop Some countries have decided to phase out the production of petrol-driven cars.
Run out of Use up the supply of something until there is none left. How will we manage if we run out of petrol?
Scale back / Scale down Reduce the quantity or amount The army has decided to scale back (on) its use of petrol-driven vehicles.
Turn off Stop the flow To save water, turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
Throw away Discard Don’t throw away plastic bottles. Recycle them!
Use up Use until there is no more We’ve already used up the earth’s resources for this year.
Wipe out Eliminate A nuclear war would most probably wipe out all life on our planet.

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