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 English Phrasal Verbs 

Commonly-used phrasal verbs.

 Phrasal Verbs with DRAW 

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Draw back Move backwards; retreat The burglar drew back when he saw the big dog.
Draw down Reduce in number or amount The US intends to draw down its forces considerably.
Draw down Take money from a reserve or fund We can draw down on the loan when necessary.
Draw even Equalize in a competition or race The two horses drew even at the finish line.
Draw in Become dark earlier or be shorter The days are drawing in as we approach Christmas.
Draw in/up Arrive and stop A taxi drew in and the famous couple stepped out.
A police car drew up beside him and he was asked to show identification.
Draw into Get involved in something I didn’t want to get drawn into their argument.
Draw on Inhale He drew on his cigarette before continuing to speak.
Draw on/upon Use knowledge and information for a specific purpose. Amy drew upon her experience to prepare a lesson.
Draw out Take money from your bank account I need to draw out some money before we go to the market.
Draw out Make something longer than necessary A short explanation will do. No need to draw out the details.
Draw out Make a shy person more willing to speak or participate. The teacher managed to draw out the shy child.
Draw up Prepare a document, list or plan We must make sure the plans are properly drawn up.
Draw up Move something closer My father drew up a chair for the visitor.
Draw (oneself) up Bring oneself into an erect position Jack drew himself up when his name was called.

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