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 English Phrasal Verbs 

Commonly-used phrasal verbs.

 Phrasal Verbs with BE 

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
Be after To try to obtain or find What’s he after ? Is he looking for proof ?
Be against Be opposed to I must say I’m against the idea.
Be along Arrive Jack will be along soon. He’s on his way.
Be away Be elsewhere She is away today. She has gone to London.
Be down Be depressed or sad. The news is bad so John is a bit down today.
Be down Decrease Oil prices were down today.
Be down on Disapprove of, dislike Why is Charlie so down on the new recruit?
Be down with Be ill or have caught a disease. My mother is down with a bad  cold.
Be in Be present (at work/at home) I'll be in all day so you can call me anytime.
Be in for Have reason to expect something. I think we are in for snow today.
Be in on Be involved with or participate in something. Alex is in on the project too.
Be into Be  interested or involved in something He's into sports and she's into  poliltics.
Be off Leave to go somewhere I'm off!  I've got a plane to catch.
Be on Be functioning The television is on.
Be on Take medication or drugs The driver was on drugs at the time of the accident.
Be on about Mean, try to say What are you on about? I don't understand.
Be on to
Be onto
Make a discovery My colleague is excited. He must be on to something
Be out Absent from home or work Where's Peter? He's out today.
Be out of Have no more left We're out of coffee I'm afraid.
Be out to Try to achieve; be determined He's out to win the match.
Be up Awake and out of bed Tom was up at the crack of dawn!
Be up Increase The interest rates are up again.
Be up to Misbehave, do wrong What are those kids up to?
Be up to Be somebody's responsibility It's up to the government to find a solution.

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