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  ENGLISH GRAMMAR for ESL learners  


(to take something illegally)

  • Rob - Steal
    • You rob a person or place.
    • You steal something that does not belong to you.

    • A robber or thief :
    • - robs a place (for example, a bank), or a person, of something.
      - steals something from a place or person.

      Examples :
      • A bank robbery took place this morning.
      • A gang of armed robbers forced their way into the bank.

      • The thieves robbed the bank.
      • The bank was robbed of a large amount of money.
      • The gang stole a large amount of money fromthe bank.

      • The thieves also robbed the customers of their wallets.
      • The robbers stole their wallets from the customers.
      • The customers' wallets were stolen by the robbers/thieves.

  • Burgle
    • A burglar is a person who burgles a house by forcing a way into it and stealing from it.

      Example :
      • During a recent concert, a number of houses in the area were burgled.
      • The burglar stole essentially jewellery, cash, credit cards and mobile phones.
      • He was caught by the police while trying to steal a car.

  • N.B. 'Thief' is a noun referring to someone who steals, but the verb 'to thieve' is rarely used. It is more usual to say 'to steal' something, or 'to rob' someone.

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Please note that British English spelling is used on this website.

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