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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

HEALTH and FITNESS, page 4

from:   'spare-part surgery'   to:  'vim and vigour'

  • spare-part surgery
    • Spare-part surgery refers to surgery in which a diseased or non-functioning organ is replaced with a transplanted or artificial organ.

  • spare tyre
    • If a person has a spare tyre, they have a roll of flesh around the waist.
      "I'd better go on a diet - I'm getting a spare tyre!"

  • take a turn for the worse
    • If a person who is ill takes a turn for the worse, their illness becomes more serious.
      "We hoped he would recover but he took a turn for the worse during the night."

  • touch and go
    • If something is touch-and-go, the outcome or result is uncertain.
      "Dave's life is out of danger now, but it was touch-and-go after the operation."

  • under the weather
    • If you are under the weather, you are not feeling very well.
      "You look a bit under the weather. What's the matter?"

  • up and about
    • If someone is up and about, they are out of bed or have recovered after an illness.
      "Judy was kept in hospital for a week but she's up and about again."

  • vim and vigour
    • If you are full of vim and vigour,you have lots of vitality, energy and enthusiasm.
      "After a relaxing holiday, my parents came back full of vim and vigour."

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 Health and Fitness 

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