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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms G, page 8

Idioms G, page 8:  from:   'go out of business'   to:   'go up in smoke'

  • go out of business
    • If a shop, firm or enterprise goes out of business, it closes down or goes bankrupt.
      "If the new road bypasses the town, a lot of shops will go out of business."

  • go out of your way
    • If you go out of your way, you take particular care or make a special effort when doing something.
      "Aunt Betty went out of her way to make us feel comfortable."

  • go out the window
    • If a quality, principle or opportunity goes out the window, it disappears, is lost or abandoned.
      "When the plant closed down, all hopes of finding a job went out the window."

  • go over your head
    • If something said or written goes over your head, you find it too difficult to understand or follow.
      “I always found mathematics difficult at school. The teacher’s explanations just went over my head!”

  • go overboard
    • If you go overboard, you are over-enthusiastic about something and do too much or behave in an excessive way.
      "We need to prepare the dining room for Christmas, but don't go overboard with the decorations."

  • go pear-shaped
    • If a plan or project goes pear-shaped, it either goes wrong or it produces an undesirable result.
      "Jane organised a treasure hunt in the park for the kids but it all went pear-shaped and everyone was disappointed."

  • go to pieces
    • If you go to pieces, for example after a terrible shock, you are so upset or distressed that you cannot lead a normal life.
      "Jack nearly went to pieces when his son died in a car crash."

  • go postal
    • If someone goes postal, they lose their temper and express their anger in a violent way.
      "My parents will go postal when they see the state of the house!"

  • go to hell in a handcart
    • If something is going to hell in a handcart, it is in a bad state and continues to deteriorate.
      "This used to be a nice place to live but now the area is going to hell in a handcart."

  • go to rack and ruin
    • If something goes to rack and ruin, it falls into very bad condition because of lack of care.
      "When the factory closed down, the building went to rack and ruin."

  • go spare
    • If you go spare you lose your temper completely.
      "Lea's dad would go spare if he knew how much she spent in London!"

  • go through the roof
    • If someone goes through the roof, they become very angry.
      "My father went through the roof when Paul damaged his new car."

  • go (or be put) through the mill
    • If you , you experience a very difficult period, or are exposed to rough treatment.
      "When I was an intern, I was put through the mill. Nothing went unnoticed."

  • go through the motions
    • If someone goes through the motions, they do something because they have to, but without enthusiasm.
      "After his wife died, he tried to continue life as before, but he just went through the motions."

  • go up in smoke
    • If a plan or project goes up in smoke, it is spoiled, fails, or ends before producing a result.
      "When Amy and Tom separated, my mother's dream of a romantic wedding went up in smoke."

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