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The meaning of words relating to computers, from 'adware' to 'home page'.

Please note that British English spelling is used on this website. However, the British spelling 'programme' is no longer used to refer to a computer program, although it is still correct in other phrases e.g. 'television programme'.

Adware A software application which displays unwanted pop-up advertisements on your computer while in use. Adware is often installed at the same time as free software or shareware.
Avatar An icon or figure that represents a person in video games, chat rooms and on Internet forums.
Application Any program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user.  Microsoft Word, Outlook or Adobe Photoshop are examples of application programs.
Bloatware/fatware Pre-installed software that occupies a lot of space, leaving little memory for storing personal data.
Browser A program or tool such as Google, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox that enables you to browse or surf the World Wide Web and view internet sites.
Bug A defect or fault in a program that prevents it from working correctly. Bugs are caused by mistakes or errors made by those who write the program.
Cache A sort of fast memory used for temporary storage of recently-accessed web pages, which enables the browser to display them more quickly on the next visit.
Captcha A system used to make sure that a human being, not a machine, is using a computer.
Catfish Someone (on the Internet and social media) who pretends to be someone else by using a fake identity in order to deceive others.
Cookies Small piece of information on the times and dates you have visited web sites.  A web server can temporarily store this information within your browser.  The main purpose is to identify users and possibly prepare customised web pages for them.
Crash What happens when a program or the entire operating system, unexpectedly stops working. 
Cursor A blinking symbol on the screen that shows where any new text will next be entered.
Driver A special program which enables a computer to work with a particular piece of hardware such as a printer.
E-business Business done over the internet or any internet-based network.
E-mail Electronic mail : messages sent from one computer to another over the internet.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.
Firewall Specialised hardware or software designed to prevent unauthorised access into or out of a computer or network.
Font A particular kind of lettering (e.g. Arial, Verdana, etc.)
Hardware The physical equipment of a computer system (the CPU (central processing unit), monitor, keyboard,  mouse, external speakers, scanner, printer, etc.)
Hit A visit to a website.
Home page The main page or opening page of a website. The home page usually contains links to the other pages on the website.

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